The Foundation is supporting the City’s efforts to renovate Paloma Park after it was damaged by vandals.  This Fall, the City will be replacing the equipment in this neighborhood park that serves over 500 children, but the Foundation will help provide a new synthetic grass section for toddlers – similar to the one in place at Village Park – that will be colorful, durable, weather resistant and vandal resistant.


WE NEED YOUR HELP.  Through the Burlingame Parks and Recreation Foundation’s BUY-A-BRICK Program, you can be part of an enduring piece of Paloma Park.  For just $100, you can choose a message to be laser engraved on a 4” x 8” brick paving this wonderful neighborhood play space.  We also offer 8” x 8” bricks for donations over $500, and 12” x 12” bricks for donations over $1,000.  This is an opportunity to recognize a special person in your life, or commemorate a special occasion…the possibilities are endless!


As a special thank you gift for participating in this fundraiser, donors who purchase the 8” x 8” or 12” x 12” bricks will receive a 4” x 4” replica black granite tile with identical engraving to that on the larger brick.  We hope the replica tile will be proudly displayed at home or at work…it can even be used as coaster!


Purchasing your custom engraved brick is simple…just visit the Paloma Park Buy-A-Brick website at for easy to follow instructions.


Paloma 2  Donor Recognition Section

CURRENT DONORS INCLUDE: John Cahalan Architects ($1,100), Burlingame City Council Members ($1,000), Benjamin Garosi ($1,000), Dreiling-Terrones Architecture ($500), Amy Webb ($500), Emily Matthews ($250), Brittany Feitelberg ($200), Emily Fisher ($200), Randy Schwartz ($200), Jean Adler ($100), Hamad Akhavein ($100), Michael Bachrodt ($100), Debora Bakhtiari ($100), Dense Berliner ($100), Mike Bohnert ($100), Aaron Brooks ($100), Marilyn Chan ($100), Kevin Christian ($100), Dan DeWitt ($100), Karen Dittman ($100), Natalie Espinosa ($100), Amy Everitt ($100), Priscilla Fong ($100), Allison Frank ($100), Jonathon Freedman ($100), Andrew & Maryann Geddes ($100), Karen Gemmer ($100), James Gilfoil ($100), Margaret Glomstad ($100), Lisa Goldman ($100), Christine Gutknecht ($100), Thomas Herman ($100), James Herro ($100), Laura Hesselgren ($100), Shaina Ivchenko ($100), Richard Kirchner ($100), Charles Krakow ($100), Van Le ($100), Carla Lucett ($100), Leonard Ma ($100), Rosemary MacLeod ($100), Laureline Michaut ($100), Elizabeth Montgomery-Brown ($100), Dominique Ng ($100), Parks & Recreation Staff ($100), Dean Peterson ($100), Linda Podolsky ($100), Gordon & Alex Readey ($100), Lisa Rogers ($100), Lisa Rosenthal ($100), Claire Schissler ($100), William Scovill ($100), Cris Seidensticker ($100), Alexandra Slavet ($100), Judy Staples ($100), Brad Vaughn ($100), Sharyl Wong/Andrew Blanco ($100), Zhaoqi Wu ($100), Daisy Yau ($100), Janet Zola ($100), Sandra Brisbee ($20).  THANK YOU, ALL!!


If you do not wish to participate in the Brick Program, and would prefer to make a contribution directly to the Foundation, donations can either be made by check payable and sent to: Burlingame Parks and Recreation Foundation, c/o: Paloma Park Renovation, 850 Burlingame Avenue Burlingame, CA 94010.


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